jobless hack

Job search. I hate that term.

“So Sara, where are you working this summer?”

“Well, I’m taking advantage of my free time, at the moment.”

Honestly, I would just really like some work. Preferably something challenging and related to the school work I have been doing for the last four years of my precious life; but I can be someone’s hired gun if that’s what will make me a few dollars to get an expensive coffee three times a week, with a good helping of movie money on the side. That’s all I ask. Is it really that much? It can’t be. I can only hope that next week will bring me better luck.

Meanwhile, in other news, I’ve been spending my time focusing on other parts of my life which have been sorely neglected for such a very long time. I’m reading for leisure, I’m taking very good care of myself, walking, getting out, sleeping, and blogging. It’s actually very rewarding. I wish I could do that all summer, and get paid for it. That would be the ideal job. Being me, and being paid for it. That’s my ultimate goal in life, it would seem. Maybe someday, it’ll happen.

Also, I’ve decided that I’m going to start watching CBC’s The Hour, nightly. I’ve watched it the last couple of nights, and beside the fact that George Stroumboulopoulos is a handsome chap, he’s got a lot of interesting guests and a lot of worth-while things to say. All in all, it presents a very pleasant and informative hour of television. Life enriching, even.

Okay, now I’m just getting a little too into this.

Onto something else, shall we? Yes, I think so.

I’ve decided that I’m going off soft drinks. They’re a nuisance, and full of sugar that I don’t need. End of story. Well, not end of story, more like… end of issue. I highly recommend it. I’ve been feeling a lot better since I made the change. Try it out. You might be surprised.

I feel a strange need to get into something political or at least something that is important in the world; some issue that’s become a fad of late, maybe. Sadly, nothing is coming to me. The only thing that’s coming to me is how annoying it is to hear about Paris Hilton’s prison sentence or Brangelina’s “scandal” at the Cannes Film Festival. Maybe Oprah’s sadness at her father’s tell-all book. I admit, I watch all of those shows: ET, Extra, The Insider, but I find it increasingly fascinating that these things take president over real and pressing issues in the world. It’s the North American way. We are a gossip-happy culture. Who knew!


One thought on “jobless hack

  1. George is always worth watching. Lucky enough to meet him when he was in town doing a recording of The Hour. Hope they come back soon.

    In the mean time, finding a job is a full time job in and of its self. I know the pain all to well as I have spent months looking for work. Keep refining the resume, make individual cover letters for each job, and for the love of all that is holy stay optimistic!!!!

    In the end the hard work will pay off when you are sitting at the desk of that sweet new job.

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