and! begin productivity.

I had a very productive day, today.

Well, I suppose that depends on your definition of productive. By my definition of productive, especially lately, I won the day. I spent the morning babysitting, and the second half of the day working on my creative blog and photoblog. It was a rather rewarding afternoon.

Yesterday evening I came up with a number of things to write about, and I plan to start tomorrow, or perhaps even tonight. I am going to write about anything and everything, really. Maybe do some research, and maybe put some of my writing skills to use and do some freelance writing. Suggestions are welcome. I’m open to anything and everything. Comment! ….no, seriously. Send me a note on Facebook or something. Also, it should be known that you don’t have to have a blog @ in order to comment on my blog entries. You can just register for a login name, which I find nifty and all kinds of handy.

I downloaded two new albums, today; acquired them, more like. Serena Ryder and Amy Winehouse. I have listened to both a couple of times, and I really enjoy them; Serena Ryder especially.

Serena Ryder (If Your Memory Serves You Well) is happy, peaceful and fun, with a side of genuine innocence that’s hard to find in a female artist these days. She does excellent covers of classic songs, like Sisters of Mercy, originally by Leonard Cohen and It Doesn’t Matter Anymore, originally by Paul Anka.

Amy Winehouse (Back to Black) is decidedly more badass, singing songs like Rehab and You Know That I’m No Good. This woman’s voice is her attitude, and it can either cut you like freshly cut diamond or go down smooth like whiskey on the rocks. Her modus operandi is class with a dark twist, and I love her for it. Check her out. Chances are, you’ll find something you like.

It occurs to me that I usually give things rather glowing reviews. I’m sure anyone who knows me, knows that. I don’t often criticize art because I prescribe to the mantra: to each their own. Now, there are some things that I think are completely pointless and devoid of any serious artistic vision, and those things receive scathing reviews from my pen/keyboard, but it’s not often I bother to waste my time writing about things I deem pointless. Point of all of this? Don’t expect pointless drivel from me.

and! end post.

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