Saving the world: one secret at a time.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have taken to watching The Hour every weeknight. I’m hooked on it, and the things it makes me think about. I think the staff puts together a great show, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a host who’s easy on the eyes – but that’s not why I watch.

No, the reason I watch The Hour is because of interesting stories like the one I saw this evening. Season 3 has actually come to an end, and the shows that I’ve been watching over the last week or so have all been re-runs from earlier in the season; this, however, does not bother me, since I haven’t seen a lot of them.

Tonight’s show included an interview with Frank Warren, who is the creator of Post Secret – a blog and social phenomenon that has him receiving anonymous post cards from people around the world with their deepest, most embarrassing, dreadful, hilarious, uplifting, or crazy secrets on them, and then posting them on his blog for all the world to see. I was so intrigued by the concept that I had to pick up my laptop even before the segment was over, type in the website, and check out this week’s post.

Reading though the 20 post cards of the week, I realized that it made me feel less alone, and like parts of me weren’t so odd as I had previously assumed. Some of the things you read on Post Secret are truly funny, and some are profoundly heartbreaking. And ya know, I think it’s a great thing to have done, and I wish I had been the one to come up with it, so I could take credit for having started something that could effect people like I was effected when I read: Every life I save reminds me of one I couldn’t.

That’s intense.

The great thing, I think, about this blog and the anonymous post cards to the world, is that there is no need or desire to lie. Frank Warren, in a way, has created a tiny piece of utopia: in his world, there are millions of secrets, but they’ve all been told.

This, of course, got me to thinking about what it would be like to live in a world where there were no secrets.

Right away, my heart screams: Yes! That’s the kind of world we need! Wouldn’t it be spectacular to have a world where everyone shared with one another, and all of our problems could be solved with truth?

…but what about the beauty that is to be found in a secret?

The poet in me yearns for the sultry, sexy, soothing secrets of life – the thoughts, the moments, the dreams and fantasies that no one else knows, and the fondness that is the moment you share those things with those to whom you are closest: the best friends and true loves of the world; those are secrets worth holding on to.

The power of a secret is the secret of comedy: timing.

The catharsis that comes with telling a secret is a truly unique feeling, and it can be either a very pleasant or completely harrowing experience. The problem with/beauty of secrets is that they represent the ultimate vulnerability, from the very personal level to the heights of political scandal and at every point in between. I am intoxicated by secrets and their sadomasochistic relationship with lies; they make the world go ’round, it would seem. I like to think that Post Secret is a revolutionary idea that helps the world go around a little easier, one secret at a time. I just wish we could tell each other those secrets and not worry that it would crush us. I wish it was easier, but until it is, I tip my imaginary hat to Frank Warren for his vision and its impact on all the lonely people of the world.

Thanks, Frank.

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