the simple life – or: the world is a disease ridden hack

I like simple.

I like simple tasks. I like simple thoughts. I like simple people.

It is my fondest wish that everyone take a step back, look at their complicated lives and say: I’ve had enough!

Unfortunately, I’m not sure that I could get that message to everyone in the world before we finish self-destructing and the world becomes another piece of intergalactic oblivion. I still, however, hold on to the idea that the pen is mightier than the sword, and so here I am: fighting the good fight.

Why is it that we insist on making our lives so damned complicated?

I ask myself that question every single day (I’m not kidding. That’s actually so true, it hurts.), and the only answer that I can come up with is that it’s human nature to make things complicated; it’s human nature to crreate conflict, drama, and pain and anguish and all the other terrible things that seem to make every day a lot more difficult to live in than it should be. And, let’s face it: if the world were too simple, too easy-going, too un-complicated – we’d be so bored that we’d be forced to indulge in substances which would enhance our lives to the point at which we would become useless and lazy; finding the balance between these evils has proven to be nearly impossible – as evident by the unfortunate state of the world. The unfortunate thing is: I’m beginning to think there’s nothing that can be done, and that’s a hard turn of philosophy for a young optimist to make.

In my spare time, I like to simplify the world’s problems – and solve them – in my head.

Does anyone else do that?

I am of the opinion that everyone does it, from time to time, but very few ever say anything about it. Sadly, it’s the ones who don’t say anything about it that likely have the best handle on making a real difference. It’s the philosophers and poets that could truly make a difference – if they had the balls of politicians. The unfortunate fact about politicians is that they get caught up in being right, being ballsy, and being more powerful than everyone else; that – truly – is what I hate the most about government. Government can’t be changed a great deal, and is a necessary evil, and so there’s not much that can be done about them… damnit.

If that’s number 1 on my list, numbers 2 and 3 would have to be: the idea that killing people is okay if it’s within the bounds of war, and that they lie (or fail to divulge certain information) because they think what they’re doing is best for their country – even though they don’t get the permission of the people.

I heard once – and I quote it all the time, though I completely forget where I heard it – that people will always concern themselves with their own problems. I have done much thinking about this, and in my passionate state of wanting to save the world, I happened upon a metaphor that I can’t get out of my mind: what if I were the world? what if the countries of the world were parts of my body, and I was in charge of taking care of them?

Then, I immediately thought: Oh shit! I’m in a f*cking state! (I really thought that. Really.) My limbs are falling off (because I used a rusty hack saw to cut most of the way through them, just to punish myself), I’ve got flesh eating disease, and I’m a half-starved, nicotine smoking, suicidal sociopath who’s sexually confused, has a serious drug problem, and is about to go into cardiac arrest! …GREAT! How the Hell do I get myself out of this bloody great mess? Truth is: I can’t, because the various parts of my brain (read: government) won’t agree on anything, and so I am doomed to self-destruct, never to live the good life again.


Put yourself in those shoes.

Hurts, doesn’t it?

Oh yeah.

Maybe if more people saw Africa as their own, disease ridden leg – they might care if it falls off? Maybe the Middle East could carefully be sewn back together and lay low for a few weeks to let the wound heal? Maybe the US could get over its constant ‘erection’ and put itself to better use – make love to the world rather than rape it.

Yes, all sorts of good things could happen if the world’s brain (again, read: government) would agree on how to govern its parts. Wouldn’t THAT be something?

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