an ad campaign for change

It’s been an eternity! And by eternity I mean two weeks, which has both gone by like a shot of lightening and gone so slowly that at times I wanted to beg Father Time to catapult me into mid August.

I’ve been extraordinarily busy these last two weeks, which is precisely why I have been unable to make any posts here on well inked. This, of course, makes me unhappy, and unfocused. I feel like I might burst right now, as I have a million and a half things to say, and I can’t seem to decide which one bears saying right now, as they all seem to be the most important things in the world, and at the same time, the least significant.

All work and no blog makes Sara a dull girl.

For a ‘welcome back’ of sorts, I’ve got a little bit of good news, mixed with a little bit of anxiousness, with just a dash of hope. Normally, I don’t write about terribly personal things on this blog. What I am about to say is not the gossip-worthy kinda personal, but more the philosophical kinda personal that makes you think and gets you paying attention to the ambitious part of your heart that you often ignore because the world tells you it’s unsafe to pay it any heed.

My philosophy has always been: go big, or go home. I haven’t always expressed it in that way, but that’s just semantics. I’ve always dreamt big, wanted more, and longed for the day when I felt like I was really making a difference and doing what I loved, whatever that might have been on any given day. I have lead an extremely fortunate and happy life, and I suppose that has allowed me to keep an open mind about the things of which I was capable. Basically, if I was told I could rule the world, I believed it; and a big part of me still does.

This is where the social commentary in the form of good news and anxiousness comes in. The good news? I feel like I’ve reached the point in my life where I don’t have to dream anymore; I’m at the point where I can really begin to do things that I’ve wanted to do my entire life but was “too young” or “too caught up” or “in too small a place” or some other nonsense that I now realize was a bunch of foolishness to be thinking in the first place. So, anxious and excited to be on the cusp of changing both my life and – to a certain extent – the world, I am all a-twitter with ideas galore; the only downside to which is that having so many good ideas makes it difficult to chose just one. I want to do it all! And eventually I will, I suppose.  I figure it’s only a matter of time.

I will tell you now that I know so many wonderful and talented people who seem to limit themselves to a great extent. I will not moan and wail and say, “it’s the fault of society!”, though that is a large part of what I believe. I will, however, stand on my soap box and proclaim to the world that I’m sick of seeing so many people lose sight of what they really want in life because no one will be kind enough to believe in them. I believe in a lot of things, but one of the things I believe in the most is the potential of the human race. There is truly nothing worse than wasted potential. Nothing. And so many of us waste so much of it, every day. If I had the power, right now, I would launch a worldwide ad campaign that called on every man, woman and child to stop the widespread careless disregard for potential and the savage slaughter of dreams. I would call on every nation to take up arms (in the form of words, gestures and actions) against those who would squash the hopes of tomorrow, and ignite a fire in the hearts of all who would listen.

…would you listen?


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