do you have the potential to be cruel?

So it’s official: I’m slack when it comes to blogging.

…well, that’s not entirely true; it’s more that I have a huge amount of stuff to do lately, and I haven’t had the time to sit down and flesh out a thought long enough to get it out in writing. Today, however, I cannot help but write about a story I stumbled on while cruising the BBC News Front Page; it’s things like this that make me want to lose my faith in humanity.

Anyone who has ever felt the need to disappear, to put themselves out of misery, or to just give up will understand the gravity of this story; essentially, I’m relatively sure that this story will strike a chord with anyone who reads it.

We all know the internet can be a dangerous place, but I didn’t think it would lead to this.

And now that you’re sufficiently horrified, perhaps you’ll take a minute – like I did – and remember that the things you say, and do, affect others in a way that can drive them to do and think terrible things, sometimes. 

We all teased each other in school, and that was normal – no one was exempt, really. Something like this is just so barbaric that I can hardly believe it, yet it comes from that same behaviour; we didn’t know any better when we were kids, most of us – these people should have.

The world is a pretty horrific place, I know. Thousands of people die everyday, thousands of people kill everyday, thousands go hungry, thousands are used, abused, and goodness knows what else; but when a group of supposedly decently intelligent (and I use that term as loosely as humanly possible) people allow a man – nay, convince him! – to hang himself (and watch him do it!) – to me that demonstrates the ultimate form of cruelty, the darkest and most inhumane depths of our hearts, and just how ‘evil’ we can be when we try.

He hanged himself while other internet users egged him on.

….dear God – I’m speechless.


3 thoughts on “do you have the potential to be cruel?

  1. I am not sure where this is coming from but a part of me thinks that this person was unable to unplug. We have to be sufficiently responsible for our actions. He could have left the chat room as opposed to continue the abusive taunting that lead to his ultimate demise.
    From the aspect of the other users and their “Egging” him on. Not knowing the exact language used, the context of the conversations, and the procession of the events I can not know if they were being sarcastic and not believing he would actually do it, or they were really being sadistic fucks knowing he damn well would do it.

    Either way the article seems to paint the man with two colors. One as a man of morals push to his limit, and another of a man who could not walk away and let others decide for him his fate.

    It’s sad either way.

  2. Hi Sara,
    Read your post and link and I agree human nature can be very inhumane. It feels degrading being part of a species who’s members act to cruelly towards each other. People need gentling and love, not insults and criticisms. Words can slay.

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