hugging The Joshua Tree/getting back to going forward

I love U2. Detractors and cantankerously hateful people be damned – I effing love U2, and I have since I was very young. It’s no lie that I knew the lyrics to Where The Streets Have No Name by the time I was four, and I am not ashamed to say it.

Meanwhile, I had a startling revelation this afternoon – I didn’t have The Joshua Tree on my iPod! Not only was it not on my iPod, but it wasn’t in my iTunes library, either!

I nearly fainted.

SO, I immediately rectified the situation by downloading it from iTunes and getting the re-mastered songs in the process.

There’s a reason I’m telling you this, of course. If nothing else, I aim to have a point.

Yesterday, I felt confused and out of sorts and desperate for change, and in the process, discovered a few fairly important things about myself. I wanted so badly to just go home and get a big hug from my mom, and find myself again. Rediscovering The Joshua Tree this afternoon was the next best thing to going home for me, and I am absolutely flabberghasted by how amazing it made me feel – listening to it and learning to appreciate an amazing album all over again.

And the moral of the story is: Sara should listen to classic U2 when she’s having life-sized crises.

The video below is the Rattle and Hum DVD version of Bullet the Blue Sky.

Do yourself a favour and watch it.


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