whatever comes to mind, or: obsessions of sorts

I’ve decided that, in my current state of being, there’s not much more to do than read and write and try to occupy myself in some productive, possibly drunken, manner. My days are filled with coffee consumption, the news and Arts sections on my favourite web sites, trying to find a way to make some money, and considering whether I will go back to school. Generally, it’s not a bad existence, save for the lack of money it brings me.

In the spirit of engaging my mind a little more, and letting people in on what’s going on inside my head (for those of you who might wonder, from time to time), I have decided to blog some more. I once loved blogging; I think I’m about to make my glorious return to it for a love affair that will last indefinitely and inevitably involve a lot of nonsense and passion (which are the most important ingredients of any affair, really).

My entries will likely not have much to do with one another, other than that they are written by me, and thus could be inspired by anything going on in my life.

Today, I feel that I should share a fairly spectacular song which was sent to me by a very good friend of mine who never fails to select a song out of the web-o-sphere that will musically intoxicate me for days. Her attention to my taste is truly other-wordly.

The song is called Obsessions, by Marina and the Diamonds. I think the video is truly cool, even if it’s a bit slow-moving on first viewing.


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