the three-song definition

As a bit of a reprieve after that last, rather serious entry, I have decided that I will finally write the three-song definition entry that I’d been endeavoring to write for quite some time.

There’s a bit of an explanation behind it, but the general idea is to define yourself by picking the three songs that you feel represent you the best, as a person. I had to think for about three seconds to pick my three. This either says that I am incredibly self-aware, or simply defined; I actually like to think it means both of those things. I don’t give much for being too complex a person. That said, I do tend to fall for incredibly complex men — what does that say about me? I’d answer that, but that’s a whole other blog entry.

Let’s keep to the task at hand, shall we?

Ladies and gents: Sara, in three songs!

Firstly, and undeniably, there is U2’s Where the Streets Have No Name.

This is a really good live version of it from the U2 Go Home DVD, the concert for which was performed at Slane Castle in Ireland. I think there were a couple of nights of shows, something like 80,000 people per night, and they were performed within days of Bono’s father having died. While those things have nothing to do with why I like the song, they’re still some pretty significant factoids.

I chose the song itself because it was one of my first favourite songs ever, and because it has pretty much remained that way. I thought that I should choose a lesser-known from the formidable U2 roster, but  I kept coming back to this one. The Edge’s guitar at the beginning still makes my heart soar after more than twenty years, and the lyrics are classic, spiritual, and cool — just like the best of U2 always is. I knew every word to this song at a very young age, and I used to play it a lot on my parents’ stereo system. I would dance around and sing it then, and I still do, today.

Secondly, we have some Cat Stevens. Moonshadow, to be exact.

I listened to a lot of Cat Stevens while I was growing up. My parents had the Classics album, and I loved it, and still do. I happened to listen to the whole thing while writing that last blog entry, actually. Calming stuff, that. Moonshadow has always been pretty dear to my heart because of the attitude it encapsulates, and the rhythm with which it does so. It’s like, “if I lose everything I have, I just won’t have to use it anymore, and I think I can be okay with that.” I concur, Mr. Stevens. I concur.

To round out the three we have Loreena McKennitt’s Never Ending Road.

There’s not much I can say about this one other than that it’s absolutely beautiful. Loreena McKennitt is so dear to my heart, and her music is simply enchanting. The video that I wanted to post has evidently been taken down, but just listen to the song. I challenge you not to like it.

Now, having gotten my three-song definition out of the way, there is one last thing to do: reveal the hidden track — the sexiest one.

U2’s Love is Blindness

This is an unspeakably sexy and heart-wrenching, torturous song. This particular version has kept me hypnotized for weeks. You can rest assured that I am likely listening to this and biting my lip in frustration many, many times during the day.


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