on hate

I find it remarkable that there are still people in the world who would see expressions of love extinguished before they even have the chance to ignite.

I find it bothersome that there are still people in the world who would see the fulfillment of happiness and joy angrily and forcibly stamped upon and beaten, with the futile goal of seeing it die, simply because they don’t understand it.

I find it disheartening to think that there are still people in the world whose closed-minded arrogance and pride stands in the way of a happier, more diverse, cooperative existence.

…and then I remember — Oh right, we’re human.

Is there anyone who hasn’t, at one time or another, heard someone say (or said themselves), “It’s a small world”? My response to this statement is (of course): why yes, it is a small world! And it continues to get smaller, but it’s also really big. The world is so big, in fact, that it can hold billions of people, billions of animals, and trillions of ideas about life, love, and law. There should be no reason for me to remind people that the world would be a terribly boring place without all of the people and ideas that live and breathe here — that should be self-evident at this point, though I know (through the lottery of the human condition) that there are people out there that would have it otherwise.

One of the greatest things about being human is the having the capacity to love. Love is a four letter word that encompasses so much: so many expressions, so many truths, so much happiness, so much sadness; it is a four letter word that sews together the fabric of human history and existence in so many ways; it is a four letter word that expresses a depth and breadth of feeling — both individual and communal, singular and mutual — that can only be combatted by a feeling I have, myself, dubbed love, in reverse: hate.

It occurs to me, however terrible it might seem, that hate has its merit. I know that hate — like any antithesis — serves to help define and strengthen the thesis, which in this case is love. It takes as much energy to hate as it does to love. You’ll notice, of course, that when people hate, they do so as ardently as they love, the difference being that one force creates, the other destroys (for every action, there exists an equal and opposite reaction, right?) Hate serves to balance love, and love to balance hate. The two will continue to exist as long as humans do, and one would hope that will be quite some time. I am a student of love — I am a poet, a lover, a devoted creator — and right now, I feel that perhaps hate should be more fully understood, and perhaps even regarded with the same veneration as love. I don’t by any means think that hate should be practiced as fiercely as love, but I do think that it should be better understood so that it can be better controlled, and even used well in certain circumstances. If we’re going to hate, we should know how to use and moderate that hate in such a way that it doesn’t result in the world imploding. There’s a nice thought: a non-imploded world, brought to you by the letter L, the number 3, and carefully moderated hate.

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