Thursday’s Child’s Play

As I begin writing this, it’s 2 minutes before midnight, so I am writing before my deadline, but I will publish after it. I guess you win some, you lose some. And, you know, it’s better late then never.

Thursday’s posts will be about anything and everything to do with children.

It’s no secret to those who know me that I love kids. I always have, and I always will. Not only that, of course, but I loved being a kid myself, which I think is a good place to start with this blog post. I was wondering what I could post when I was surfing the interwebs earlier, and it dawned on me that there were certain shows that I loved to watch when I was wee one, and it would be fun to post about that.

The first show that comes to mind when I think about shows that I loved as a kid is Care Bears. Oh boy, did I love that show!

I confess, too, that I watched Care Bears until I was about 10. And I occasionally watch it with my cousin’s girls these days, too (though their version is all new and computer animated and foreign to me). I enjoyed it a lot when the Care Bear Cousins would show up, and particularly liked BraveHeart the Lion. I didn’t like that darned penguin though, whoever he was. Silly penguin!


Now, onto more serious things, like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Love that show. I would probably watch it now, actually. Myself and my brother loved it so much that my mother found us knitted sweaters with the turtles on them: mine had Donatello and Steve’s had Michaelangelo. I never really could decide on which turtle was my favourite; I went through phases. I loved Donatello because he was smart and had some sense, but I loved Leonardo because he was such a good leader. Raphael I loved when I got a little older because of his sarcasm and attitude, and Michaelangelo was never really a favourite, though I did think he was funny. I guess I was too much of a fuddy-duddy to be caught up in his foolishness and peanut-butter and jelly pizzas.


While we’re on a kick-ass sorta theme here, I might as well mention that I really loved He-Man and She-Ra. Yes, I know, it’s lame, but I thought the idea of shouting out something and having your sword essentially come to life was kinda awesome when I was 7.

He-Man and The Masters of the Universe:


She-Ra: Princess of Power:


…and now for something completely different!

Yes, ladies and gents, it’s Jem and the Holograms. Loved that show, too. I had the cassette tapes and everything. I’m sure I drove my parents nuts singing the songs, but it was so much fun to pretend I was super pretty and fashionable and awesome! No, really. Ha!


Then, of course, there’s Captain Planet and the Planeteers. This might be a good concept to revive, these days. Goodness knows the environment needs a hero.


Oh, and who could forget Animaniacs?! Seriously, these guys were awesome. And I didn’t even get half the stuff in this show until I was older. I do remember chowing down on Oreo cookies and milk to this one, though. I think I might have been watching this the day I ate far too many centers from far too many Oreos and magically avoided getting sick from it. Huh.


And then, there’s Sailor Moon. Oh, to be a ridiculously attractive young woman who could wear tiny skirts and save the world! …man, did I love this one.


Inspector Gadget! Also, bonus: I found the theme song done in Mario Paint — how cool is that?! I spent hours after hours playing Mario Paint when I was younger. I loved making silly little songs on it. Clearly, whoever put this together has more talent than I do/did.


There are, of course, many more shows that I devoured for hours on the TV, but perhaps I will save them for another time. This should be enough to keep everyone amused for a while. I hope you enjoyed the cartoon walk down memory lane!

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