A Case of the Saturdays

Saturday is such an odd day. It’s a day of… well, nothing much. It’s also a day of busy-work, relaxation, shopping, dancing, drinking, singing, and just about anything else you can think of that doesn’t traditionally happen on any other day of the week. I have designated Saturday as my random blogging day, on which I will blog about whatever happens to strike me as being interesting or pertinent to my mood or the state of the day; this is why I call Saturday posts “A Case of the Saturdays”.

Since I’m a little late posting anyway (this is Sunday, I know; I’m already a little slack on my schedule, but hey, I’m making up for it!), I thought I would post a bit about some of my favourite music as of late. To me, Saturday is a day to do whatever I like, and music is always included in doing so.

The music that I’ve been listening to the most lately is Dave Matthews Band’s newest offering: Big Whiskey and The GrooGrux King. It’s completely phenomenal in so many ways, but one of the things that I love about it is that it’s got a bit of an angry bent to it. Dave, who is known well for his sexy lyrics and songs like “Crash Into Me” and “Crush”, is definitely more gruff on this record than on some others of theirs, and I love it.  I particularly enjoy “Time Bomb”, which expresses a wondering frustration about the human condition and belief. I, myself, can identify with the lyrics to this song well, “I’m a ticking time bomb/waiting to blow my top/no one would ever know/not until I blew up” — I think we’re all time bombs at some point in our lives, and I’ve certainly felt like one a lot, lately.

I love the way Dave sings this live: “Baby when I get home/I wanna pick up the pieces/Hammer in the final nail/and lean me up against Jesus”; the guttural growl/wail gets me every time.

Check out the Beacon Theatre performance of “Time Bomb” right here:


I was going to try and write a bit about my favourite songs from the record, here, but I tried to pick a few, and it didn’t work. Honest to goodness, I just love this whole record. There isn’t one song on it that I don’t love, and I listen from start to finish every time. The neat thing about being that much in love with a record is that it rarely happens. I like this record even more than I like the latest U2, and U2 have been my favourite band since I was four. I suppose if I had to pick a couple of songs that really stand out to me, I would say “Squirm”:

“I’m not a king, no/not a hero, not a fool/I’m not perfect, I’m flesh and bone/and I’m exactly what you need”.


…and “Lying in the Hands of God”:

“Save your sermons for someone that’s afraid to love/ if you knew what I feel/then you couldn’t be so sure/I’ll be right here, lying in the hands of God”.


I think that disliking DMB might be nigh on impossible, but to each their own. I hope they bring you as much joy as they do me.

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