Fact-Fueled Friday

Did you know that people collect beermats?

Do you know what beermats are?

Well — I have been perusing the internet, looking for interesting facts, and I just came across one that I thought was particularly interesting: Tegestology is the term for the practice of collecting beermats and coasters. There are websites dedicated to this practice, as well as thousands of pictures of the different beermats floating around online. I can imagine that a tegestologist is an interesting sort of person, and that they are most likely very interested in beer, as well as beermats. Wouldn’t it be funny, though, if you came across someone who didn’t care for beer at all, just for the beermats and coasters used to protect tables and various other surfaces of that sort?

I imagine having this sort of collection would be something like having a stamp collection: the beermats are probably sorted by country, by year, then by art; or perhaps by other categories of which I am unaware.

Beermatmania.com seems like the “spot to be” if you’re interested in beermats. It boasts over 40,000 images of beermats, as well as a forum, a newsletter, and links to related sites and facts. Wild.

And now, I’m going to spend an  unnecessary amount of time looking at some of the 40,000 images of beermats and not doing something more productive, like washing my dishes or some such thing.

Cheers, everyone!

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