Oops, I made a boo-boo!

Last week’s “Thursday’s Child’s Play” post was filled with clips from cartoons of yesteryear, and I was completely delighted to have given myself an excuse to write about shows I used to love as a kid. So much so, in fact, that I decided to post a companion piece to it this week. Of course, this is also partially because I eagerly told my friends about my post, only to come up against some horrified looks, followed by “I can’t believe you forgot [insert their favourite cartoom/live action show, here]!”

So, I have decided to go back to the drawing board and include a few more shows for those “young at heart” (speaking of which: does anyone remember those really old school Becel commercials? God, I’m going to have that jingle stuck in my head for the rest of the night. Great!).

Anyway — here goes:

Here’s the one I can’t believe I forgot myself: Gargoyles! I watched this so much that I’m sure my mother would cringe a little if I played the opening credits for her, today. But hey, this sort of thing was right up my alley as a kid.


Also, who wouldn’t love a show called Samurai Pizza Cats? I mean, really. It’s got cats, samurai moves, and pizza; whoever came up with this stuff was a master of the mind of a child.


My father reminded me of this one. I was totally shamed when I’d realized that I left it out last week. I am totally getting my hands on the DVD, too. Christmas gift? I think so! Ladies and gents, Count Duckula!


And now, for something completely different! …except that it’s got ducks, too. “Might solve a mystery, or rewrite history!”


Okay, so, apparently I watched an obscene amount of duck-related TV as a kid. Don’t look at me — ask Gord and Brenda.


Oh dear, Cyril Sneer would not be happy with me! Speaking of Cyril, does anyone know what he is? I certainly never knew. Or cared, for that matter. But hey, a girl can get more curious, right? The Raccoons!

And just because it would be completely silly to post this, and forget the theme song:


Speaking of good theme songs, I actually really like the theme song to Goof Troop, I’m not gonna lie.


And the icing on the cake: Fraggle Rock!


…followed by the (sprinkles and excellent things on top) incomparable Muppet Show!






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