A Case of the Saturdays… a few days late!

Well, as you’ll no doubt have noticed, I missed Saturday this week! Why? That’s a good question.

Here’s the answer: I spent the entire afternoon watching Firefly (you know, that brilliant Joss Whedon series about space cowboys?) for the first time. Yes, yes, I know — I should have done this a long time ago, but I was misguided and ill-informed, I swear it! And, well, it’s really better late than never, right? Forgive me, Shepherd, for I have sinned.

Let there be no doubt that I have righted this egregious wrong, and that I have been converted to a Firefly-loving fool. Ain’t that just shiny?

Oh, and I went as far as to get my hands on a copy of Serenity and watched it as well. Beside being completely wowed by the whole thing, I am just as appalled as fans were when the show was cancelled, I’m just a few years late. The cast is so strong and the characters so well developed and enjoyable to watch. It’s about space cowboys, for God’s sake! How could you not fall completely in love with a show about space cowboys?! I did, and I don’t even generally like things set in space, or in the future. A friend of mine peaked my interest in the show with the point that one shouldn’t stay away from the show because it was considered science fiction — it’s a lot more than that. He was totally right, by the way. This show’s first classification should be (and is, I believe) Western. If you took the characters out of space and plonked them smack dab in the middle of the Wild West, they wouldn’t seem out of place.

Of course, part of what drew me to Firefly in the first place was Nathan Fillion. Since I’m a big fan of Castle, I started looking for other things that he was in that I could take in. Of course, the thing he’s best known for is Firefly, so that was the obvious choice. The interesting thing about Fillion as Capt. Mal is that I feel like he works harder and ultimately does better in the space cowboy boots in some respects. This is likely a result of a couple of things, the most important being that the character development in Firefly is so well done. While watching, though there are some characters that don’t get as much air time as others when it comes to their backgrounds and such, I felt as though each of them really got the chance to contribute something to the show. It’s so important when working with an ensemble cast that everyone gets their chance to be seen and heard in some unique way, and I think Firefly does that better than most shows I’ve seen. Out of the shows that I’ve watched closely, CSI (the original, Las Vegas) has a cast that reminds me a bit of the dynamic I found in Firefly: the surroundings are different, but the characters have a distinct role to play, and they all bring different personalities and expertise to the table.

I could say a whole lot more about Firefly, but I won’t. I will, however, make a point to say:

1. I love the alternate “swear words” thing, goframmit!
2. Inara is one of the most beautiful women in this, or any, galaxy.
3. Asiatic style and language mixed with Western sensibilities ftw.
4. I want my own spaceship, now.
5. I want a new season! Holy moly, do I ever!

On an ending note: can someone find me the people responsible for putting an end to this show? Seriously. They should be made to fall on their own swords.

2 thoughts on “A Case of the Saturdays… a few days late!

  1. That’s not the only time Joss and Nathan have worked together. Nathan took a villainous role near the end of Buffy, portraying a demented priest. Also, was the “Villain” on the web serious “Doctor Horible’s Sing a long Blog” which was fantastic and had a nice twist on how to tell a story

  2. I agree with Preston that “Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog” was freakin’ awesome and a total epic win. If you haven’t seen it already you definitely should.

    Also, I know that FOX was the one that canceled the show though I don’t know the specific people responsible. But I will gladly join you in helping them right their wrong. 😉

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