Republic of Doyle: will we love it or hate it?

The buzz in the capital city for months has been about the locally-based CBC show that’s headed for CBCtv in January: Republic of Doyle. The crew has no doubt gotten on the nerves of the downtown residents with all of the filming and taking-up of streets and such. I moved out of the downtown core on a day when they were filming right on my doorstep, and that was annoying as all get out, but it was in the name of something big and cool, so as a Newfoundlander (someone who’s not generally accustomed to big and cool), I shoved my annoyance into one of the boxes I was moving and carried on about my merry business.

Now that the show is almost ready to start airing (the first episode airs in early January), I’m wondering whether it’s going to be up to scratch. I’ve heard mixed things, but of course, as any Newfoundlander knows, we must all support the endeavours of our own, no matter how bad they are. I’ve always had a problem with this particular cultural pastime, but I certainly don’t want to trip this race horse before it’s out of the gate, so I’ll reserve judgement like a dutiful artsy equalist type and wait until I get to see what the little show that could can really do.

In the meantime, here’s the most recent version of the trailer. It looks like fun!


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