Lace up, lad — it’s world saving time!

Dear Mr. Hewson,

I think the most recent development in the (RED) campaign clearly dictates that you should write a companion piece to “Get on Your Boots” that’s called “Tie up Your Laces”. I think you would be doing us all a terrible disservice to avoid such an excellent opportunity to parody yourself. If you made a shoddy video of you singing it and Edge playing along and posted it on YouTube, it would take off as a hilarious viral success and draw all sorts of attention to the campaign, thereby creating enormous blogging fodder and selling many, many, many pairs of (RED) laces.

I’m really not kidding, you know. Seriously. If there’s a man who needs to regularly parody himself (and who can pull it off), it’s definitely you. Seize the day, my friend! Seize it, tie it up, and run!


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