The “Oh Yeah!” gimmick

Okay, since I’m on a Republic of Doyle kick today (as are many), I might as well state my opinion about the “Oh Yeah!” that is certain to become a gimmick that will have Republic fans looking at each other and enthusiastically proclaiming their fandom by simply uttering those two words: Oh Yeah! It’s true — that’s a really silly image, but mark my words, it’s definitely going to happen.

I admit, the interesting twist that has been created in having Alan Doyle’s voice echo those words on a show that shares his last name makes me smile. What makes me smile ever bigger, and even giggle a bit, is that this morning I tweeted about having the “Oh Yeah!” stuck in my head, and got this reply:

@saraleslieann I hate the Kool-Aid man OH YEAH too. It’s such a bummer, coz it’s an otherwise likable show @RepublicofDoyle

which means that the next time I see Mr. Doyle I will probably have a really goofy smile on my face because someone called him the Kool-Aid man. The unfortunate thing about his being saddled with that particular moniker is that, while I didn’t think of it myself at first, the ukeofduckworth was right: it does make him sound a bit like the Kool-Aid man outside the context of the song.

Fans of both Great Big Sea and Republic of Doyle (I’m sure there’s a decent amount of overlap) will recognize the song as the fist-pumping, percussive tune from Fortune’s Favour that’s got Alan reaching a little deeper into his vocal range and adding some grit. When Fortune’s Favour was released and I first heard the chorus of “oh yeahs” I was thrown, but ultimately ended up dancing around my kitchen to it. In the greater context of the song, the “oh yeahs” work, and contribute to the 2:15 catharsis that it is, but the “Oh Yeah!” that we hear going to commercial break while watching Republic of Doyle doesn’t quite have the same effect.

Listening to the song now, I am amused by the thought that it actually fits the show so well. Of course, the “Oh Yeah!” is not going to dictate my like or dislike of either the song or the show, but instead will forever make me giggle at the long-haired, folk-rocker version of the Kool-Aid man in my head.


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