The merit of the nonsense post

Posting every day, even when it’s nonsense or just something foolish, is really rather wonderful for one’s blogging habits. There’s a good possibility there will be a few of those nonsense posts floating around in the next while, but I’ll make them fun, I promise!

For the longest time I have been torn up about always having something specific to say in my posts, but I have recently decided that I’ve been terribly silly to subscribe to such strict behaviour. So, I’ve thrown caution to the wind and now it seems I may post on anything, at any length, at any time! Watch out though — this could be dangerous, and could perhaps demonstrate to you just how unpredictable white-water rafting down the stream of my consciousness really is.

Speaking of strange things going on in the mind though, I saw Inception last night. Do yourself a huge favour and get out to see it. It’s very rarely that I succumb to hype when it comes to a movie, but giving in to this one seemed all but inevitable, and it was absolutely worth it. If the stunning visuals and (also stunning) stellar cast don’t pull you in, the conversation sparkers alone make it well worth the cash.

That said, I really have to ask: is there a film being made in Hollywood that doesn’t have music by Hans Zimmer in it? I mean really, people! Really.


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