Happy Homesick Sunday all!

So, as anyone who knows me can attest, I am habitually homesick on Sundays. This has come to bother me less and less lately, which is nice, but I still miss my parents and my brother (annoying as he can be, I still love him dearly) a load. To cope with this yearning for home, I often get nostalgic and search for things from my younger years so I can conjure up the feeling of being home.

On today’s agenda:  TV shows. Two of my favourites, actually. I think Sundays are the days I most curse my decision to not own a television (a decision I feel I should revisit for the coming winter, as winter in Newfoundland can be unreasonably depressing without the loving glow of a television set). But anyway, back to business.

Who doesn’t love some trivia? I mean, really — it’s great fun, especially when you can sit on your couch, in your pajamas, excitedly guessing answers while not making a fool of yourself on national television when you get them wrong. This is exactly the reason why every kid should watch Jeopardy with their parents. That, and it’s great for learning random trivia facts with which to confuse one’s friends and family members (which is excellent fun). I suppose this means I’m a bit of a nerd, but if that’s the case, then I absolutely revel in it. Trivia = love.

As an addendum, I also totally love to play Trivial Pursuit. The way to my heart goes not only through the OED, but through the question cards from the Trivial Pursuit Genus Edition.

Speaking of an obscene amount of knowledge, the next TV show I have a significant attachment to (and a particular nostalgia for) is Frasier. My mother and I watched Frasier together all the time, as it used to come on NTV every night at 7:30. It’s slightly embarrassing for me to admit, but I had a crush on Frasier. Honest — I totally did. My mother had a thing for Niles, which I thought was too hilarious for words, but Kelsey Grammar as Frasier Crane made me unreasonably happy: he knew a lot and was a bit of a snob, but was just bumbling enough to make me laugh and make him more human. Last Christmas there was a Frasier marathon on TV Tropolis and you’d better believe I watched the entire thing from start to finish.

And this is why, my friends, I spent so very much time by myself as a kid: liking trivia and Frasier doesn’t make one incredibly hip now, does it? …and it probably still doesn’t! Ah well, I’ll be cooler in the next life.

I hope.

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