My love/hate relationship with Twitter

Sometime back in the boring-ness that was this winter, I decided that I would start using Twitter. Why not, right? There were all sorts of things one could discover while tweeting and following, including day-to-day nonsense from celebrities, the thoughts of politicians (as filtered through a specially selected Twit who has the time to tweet, unlike the actual people themselves), and what your friends are saying, doing, feeling and trending during the day. When you’ve got little to do, it’s certainly a great diversion.

The thing about Twitter that I like the most is following my favourite websites. Because I have an iPhone and can get my Twitter while on-the-go, I can read a lot of web content while in transit instead of having to wait until I get back to the office to read it. This actually frees up some of the time I would otherwise spend reading for other things, which is convenient. It also means being able to share this web content with others on the spot, if it’s worth spreading, and can sometimes make for great conversation starters. What I mean to say is: there are reasons I keep my Twitter account active.

There are also reasons I loathe the very existence of the thing and would like to kick it into the next millennium.

1. Tweets that are filled with so many RT, screen names or # that you can hardly read what they’re about.

2. Tweets that are clearly passive aggressive attention-getters (this is a beef I have with Facebook too, but then, it seems we’re all attention whores in this day and age; or we’re made to be).

3. Many other media-related and social reasons that are not clearly defined in my head, but still prompt me to feel irked at the thought of the great social vortex that is Twitter.

I’ve started tweeting again recently and ya know, nine chances out of ten, I’m really at a loss for much to say. I find myself starting to think about what I’m going to tweet, and then fighting the urge to give myself a good smack; I really have better things to do than wonder what I’m going to tweet to such a small audience, given that most of the people who follow me are friends I see on at least a semi-regular basis. That, and Facebook is a far better place to pass on things I feel are share-worthy; I will undoubtedly reach a wider friend-base as far more of my friends have Facebook than have Twitter.

Also, Twitter seems to be for people who like or want to say things quickly, and with few words, which is perhaps the very antithesis of my being. I’ll stick to blogging then, for the sake of my sanity and the two people who actually read what I write.

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