We are connected to everything

Tonight, I find myself having a quiet night in with the kids (not mine — my cousin’s, but they’re closer to my heart than any others).

While having a blast blowing bubbles on the deck, the eldest of the two (she’s 7) comes up to me and says, “Hey Sara, did you know that I’m touching everything in the world?”

I reply, “That’s pretty amazing. How do you figure that?”

“Well, if I’m standing on the deck, the deck is touching the ground, and the ground touches everything else, then I must be touching everything!” she declared, proudly.

“Why, I believe you’re right!” I said, pretending I hadn’t known that to begin with.

“Yeah!” she said, smiling, and danced away to blow more bubbles.

In truth, her simple reminder that we do touch everything brought me a huge smile. This is why I find children to be positively enlightening company — they’ll brighten your day without ever knowing they’re doing it.


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