the ink in the pen

Sara Leslie Ann Inkpen

student of love, life and art;

lover of the little things;

fearlessly optimistic;


Here it is, the 411 on me: author of well inked. As you can see already, I enjoy the recreational and reckless use of semi-colons, among many other grammatical quirks (my tireless study of the English language gives me license to abuse it to the fullest extent, should I see fit).

I will be relatively ambiguous about myself here — I warn you — but feel free to contact me should you feel the undeniable need to know more.

I believe that a person’s musical taste is an excellent view of their character. I think that some politicians (at any level) deliberately make things more complicated, making everyone else so confused and upset and misinformed that nothing clear is ever done about anything. I don’t mind it when prominent public figures and celebrities use their star power to do good things for the world; they do a better job than elected officials, more often than not. I dislike it when people give up before they even try. I think films are excellent indicators of the cultural and social values of their time. I like vanilla better than chocolate. I can’t stand being judged by a number. I think that if you don’t recognize and understand your selfishness as a human being, people are more likely to dislike you. I believe everyone deserves a second chance, and that giving a third makes you a glutton for punishment. I hate stereotypes and I recognize that a lot of them are true, at the same time. I think one of the most intoxicating things in the world is momentary eye contact with a handsome man. I believe that being too negative about the world is a death wish. I believe blood is thicker than water. I am a confident person, and I recognize that makes me either very likable or completely detestable; and I’m okay with that.

There you have it: the Reader’s Digest (extremely small and tightly packaged set of random things) version of me.

Contact me by e-mail at:, should you wish to do so. I welcome any and all feedback, questions, as well as any general foolishness. I greatly appreciate the value of a good laugh.

Thanks for stopping by well inked, by the way.

Come back and visit anytime!

Anything could happen here, and I hope it will.


One thought on “the ink in the pen

  1. i love how we put ourselves in tens of thousands of dollars in debt, work or asses off, spend 4-6 years working, stressing, breaking down, for a piece of paper that basicaly in fancy letters says “im some smart! luh!”

    film is a great way to view society, cause not only are they made for society, but they are made by a society. it is a whole hierarchy with values and interdependence that makes the final project, as well as comeing from a society and takeing its values with it as well wether it be showing them, or rejecting them either way they impact the film.

    personaly i think everything you need to know about someone you can tell buy there three favorite Muppets.

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